I'm 24.
I love my family and friends.
my mom is probably my best friend.
I just recently got engaged to Rob. So now i'm having to start plan a wedding =)
I am most comftorable and happy at the beach.
From Tifton, Live in macon and am finally beginning to get use to it.
Teaching children is what iw as put on this earth to do.
Without Jesus Christ i would have nothing.
I am unlike anyone in my family.
I love frogs and looking at the stars.
I'm very adhd.
I'm friends with anyone.
I love school, it gets me through every day i'm away from him.
My mom and Grandmother, are the strongest people i know.
die hard georgia fan, it helps me get over summer being over.
Though I have nothing to show for it academically; the lessons, friends and memories I have from ABAC will be with me forever.